I had i bad probly with cuting not very bad but like i started when i was lik 11 but i didnt do it consistently i did it every so often i wud evn stop for a year and then do it but ya i got caught out a few months ago when i was drunk my sister saw it i was very very close to cuting earlyer on der taday but i didnt xxxxx
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its not the right thing to do,find another way to cope with your feelings. by hurting yourself your hurting people that care about you just as bad.

I got caught a week ago by my teacher and now im not aloud to go anywhere my mom nailed my window shut im not aloud to close ANY doors and in school im not aloud to wear short sleeves or take my jacket off or go to the bathroom by myself

****** hell **** lik isnt it cuz lik i no its really weird and everything but it really dose help dosnt it lik xx

It does. It helps alot but everyone calls you a freak if they find out

Ya wel lik if they felt bad enough to do that theyed understand lik xx

I use to think you had to be insane to harm yourself like that until i tried to kill myself then i realized how good it felt to cut. so i have been cutting deeper and deeper

Ya i feel the same way it seems crazy till ur actually put in the situation lik

I know right.

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thats what it says with yours

I wonder why dat is now lik?

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