The Day After...

The day after I scarred freedom into my arm was the day school got involved. All thanks to my wonderful teacher... thanks a lot Mr. S. So anyways... My math teacher saw my arm, the scars weren't even a day old, so yeah, they looked pretty freakish. Anyways, all he said to me was "Don't do that," I just gave him some stupid care free smile and told him it was okay... thinking about that now, smiling probably just made me look crazy. So he walked back to his desk and I heard him dial the phone and just knew he was going to call the school counselor or whatever. Which he did and I was dismissed from school during 5th period. My mom came into the office and told me that I had to go to counseling or else I would be taken out of her custody... that really pissed me off. So the next day I went straight up to Mr.S and "What the hell was that for?" , flew out of my mouth. Before that he had been pretending not to see my glare. His charming reply, "I don't deserve to be talked to like that,". "Oh really? Yes you do! You ruined everything," I was kinda wanting to punch his nose then spit on him... I'm a bit... theatrical when I'm angry. "Look, I'm sorry I care about you, actually I'm not, besides, you should've kept your sleeves down if you hadn't wanted anyone to see," I just glared at him and stalked away. So I was really awful to him for a weeks then I lost all my energy and gave into his kindness, being cruel is exhausting. I like him now, but for that I will never forgive him.
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Yepp. Same old situation with my teacher. Sucks.