Why I Cut Myself...

Why do you cut yourself? I am asked that question daily from friends, and strangers. So lets get to the root of the problem BULLYING. The earlyest I can recall cutting was when I was in 1st grade. Yeh great time to start but well at the time I didnt understand what I was doing all I knew is it helped with all the pain. 3 Years later... I found out what I was doing but it was to late I was addictied. I didnt know what to do where to go how to stop so I turned to my parents for help yeh bad choice case they laughed as a joke. It kept getting worse to the point it was my first thing in the morning last thing before bed with in one week id have over 100 cuts then I stopped all at once, This girl came into my life who shared my problem she helped me to get better then as soon as I was good she droppes me like a bad habit no reason out of the blue and im left crying and I started cutting she knew I was She knew i was turning to my old ways the im always here no matter what turned into Im just going to ignore you so what happens you ask me and pills and an attempt at overdosing her best friend became my wall of pertection till she left as well no reason then my brother bryan took that rightful spot he was the one who helped me till his phone messed up and I was in a puddle of blood and the only one helping was a girl I only met once and she went stayed up a while talked to me listened to what was wrong and she became my shield but she was just as bad before it was over with I became her person to run to then we eventual went and talked more seriously and now where dating the girl who came to my rescue is now the one im willing to do anything to make her smile. So yeah I use to cut I use to hurt myself bad but as of today im 19 days no cut.
xxdarkdemon96xx xxdarkdemon96xx
18-21, M
Jan 14, 2013