i have been cutting since i was 15,i'm 17 now,and it seems like it's a never ending suffering,sometimes all the suffer stops,and i can taste happiness again:) but when depression come again,it really hits me hard!i want help,i need help,but at the same time i don't want to stop cause,cutting is the only thing i have,that make me feel better!i'm really screaming inside!so so so loud!but still,nobody hears me!it's like i'm dead or something like that,i don't know how or if i'm gonna survive!i wanna be happy again!i wanna live and enjoy every little thing of my life like i did it before all this bullshit!
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It appears you are addicted.

http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Cut-My-Self/534544 This guy did it too, lots of comments on it.

I ask you not to hide behind cutting, as you are suffering even in numbness. There is nothing wrong with pain, there is nothing bad about feeling terrible. It is what it is, it will always pass. Even if just for a moment.

It might not fit but here's a song you might like lol:

believe me,i try my hardest,thanks for your support<3 i love the song:)

If you ever need someone to talk or scream with, call me. Sometimes I need it too.