The Blue Door

The door was painted blue and blue it stayed ever since that day.. When i was very small and very curious i seen the door and wanted nothing more then to see what was on the other side.. The door was there everyday and it seemed to follow me somehow..

The door had an oak cut and a shiny brass handle and still i was curious what was behind.. Everyone else seemed to know everyone had known the secrets behind the door.. Everyone besides me....

I've grown into my preteens and I was at school when i seen the door again.. With another girls lunch spilt down my shirt not knowing if she spilt it on purpose or accident.. The door was there and it was mocking me with it's glory while i stood there in tears.. That was the day i opened the door.. That was the day i went to the other side and that was the day that i had never taken back..

For it was no regular door at all.. It was a chamber of pain for all who had opened the door.. I had been a victim of the door that hold right and wrong..
I am now a cutter..
HeartAndWings HeartAndWings
18-21, F
Jan 18, 2013