I Cut My Self

i cult my arm for first time
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Why? I can't imagine how much frustration and anguish I would have to be in to even consider something like this. I thought it was only kids who did this - my friend's 15 year-old, for one; thankfully, once she moved away from her father and in with her mom, it has stopped.

i did not do it for while
hope to stop it 4 ever

I hope you find a counselor to talk to about your feelings and whatever it is that's causing your pain.

got trust issue even in conselor...but if i have something interesting to do i just stop cutting simply

Why don't you trust a counselor? There are lots of really good ones out there, and it's MUCH better than working on your problems with someone you know - even if that person is trained in counseling.

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Therapy will help you deal with your inside pain that makes you cut yourself and falsely believe it releases the agony

tell us more

We need to talk. I have been a cutter as well. I have a really nice scar all the way around my right wrist. I know the mental pain that brings this on. I know when you get started on cutting, it becomes more unreal. When I did my wrist, I knew I was doing it. I made a conscious decision to do it. I had to search for something to do it. Once I got started I enjoyed the pain. I wanted the pain and I wanted a bracelet. I kept going until I had cut all the way around. When I was done, I looked at it and thought that wasn't the smartest thing to do. But, I had to do it.

Many people think we do it for attention. I never wanted anyone to see my cuts. i didn't want any attention. I had so much pain in my mind, I had to do something to relieve it. And cutting to create physcial pain was the thing to do. I have stopped cutting. I made a promise to a good friend that I wouldn't do it any more. It is a hard struggle to not do it, but I don't. I have come close to doing it with a knife recently. But, I didn't. I replaced my cutting with head banging. I did that a few times, and I enjoy it. Now, I do that any more either, made more promises. The problem is, when I need to hurt to over come the mental pain, I get hyper, I don't have a relief or didn't have any. Now, I draw or write. You need to find an other outlet. Message me, let's talk.

i feel your pain hun

I understand why you have done this and the frustration involved. I have not only tried this myself but I also have read a book about it explaining why people do this kind of thing. If you ever want to talk let me know. It is really a hard thing to tell people - and why

yes i do
message me plz

you can email me at anytime at angeleyes650819@yahoo.com or on my website at www.nonaknowsbest.com
I would be more than happy to talk
take care

Cult? or Cut?
If you mean cut, you should probably not do it again.
It becomes like a drug, an addiction and it is honestly one of the hardest things to stop.
It ends up taking over your life and it's not worth it because when you finally get over it, you are left with all the horrible scars reminding you of all the pain you used to feel and all the stupid things you did to yourself.

wht do u suggest instead?
i prefere uicide but yet i cnt

You obviously arent a doctor as you say on your profile or you wouldnt be saying such stuff....fake, fake, fake

nop not fake, u cant judge me

u can't talk about my shose till u try it. qoute from wise friend
drs feel bad as any one else
just never judge me or any one again..u r not faults free

Annieruban: apparently you don't know anything about cutting. It is part of a mental illness. And every walks of life can do it. I am a teacher and I have done it. I have a nice big scar to prove it. Cutting is in response to an over powering mental pain from the result of many things such as being abused as a child, possible trama from war, or trama from other things. The memory of the trama builds in your head and it doesn't feel like you have any escape. So, we harm ourselves to help escape from that pain, creating physical pain on ourselves is the way we deal with it.

And I feel sorry for you. you are so small minded that you can't look beyond what is being done and see the pain that is creating the behavior. God forbid you do something harmful and other judge you for it.

it might be refecting mental illness or might be way of relieving the kind of pain not to cause real mental sickness

People shouldn't be saying 'fake' whether it says they're a doctor or not, anyone can do it. And if they really do cut themselves or have just started it's a serious issue and ignoring it isn't going to help.

Try doing something else with yourself, more physical activity, a creative outlet maybe? Even holding ice in your hand until it burns is an option because it doesn't leave any physical marks and it still gives you a similar feeling, same as flicking a rubber band on your wrist...

If that doesn't work I don't know what else to suggest, I myself haven't gotten past my cutting yet although I am trying...

I wish you the best of luck x

There are therapeutic techniques that may lessen the intense emotions that drive you to cut. Behind an action is a feeling, behind the feeling is a thought, and behind that is often a distorted idea that drives it. I would encourage the doctor to do some pubmed searches on Marsha Linehan's therapeutic techniques. Good luck to you.

thnx :)

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