At first it was to drown out my pain. It was control. I could kill in one movement. It was the strength of not feeling weak that got me hooked. I have cut more then just my arms. I have cut my thighs, hips, stomatch, and my feet. I have tried to stop but it's become a drug. My friends try to get me to stop often call to make sure I don't have a knife at that moment. My best friend I ever had actually tried to steal all the knives in my house once to stop me. I have seen a therpist. I have tried projects but have never been able to do it and completely stop. Maybe a month were I can go straight without but then my depression comes and I cut. With that one cut I'm hooked.
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22-25, F
1 Response Jan 23, 2013

thats exactly how it is n why i cant stop cutting too i can go abotu 3 weeks w/o cutting then it just gets to be too much so i cut my arms below my shoulders or my thighs, nobody looks there except the dr.

I have a new record. One month and two weeks. Might not last much longer. Rumors have started up again.

u can do it!!

thanks for the support.