Ill Be Fine

I looked forward to it this time. Never knew i'd enjoy it this much. It's actually quite pleasing. I wouldn't expect everyone to know where im coming from. Its the only way i can peacefully sleep at night. All i want to do is THIS. I don't want to eat, workout, leave the house or even have sex. All I want to do is CUT. First, they were SCRATCHES. Then came KNICKS. Then SLICES and GASHES. Don't you ******* judge me. You do bad **** too. Me and you just have different coping mechanisms. I'm not hurting anyone. This is MY body. My problems; Therefore MY solution. Never LOVED the color red soo much. But, i digress; I'LL BE FINE
barbosa627 barbosa627
22-25, M
Jan 26, 2013