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I started cutting myself when I was 16 years old. I grew up in an emotionally and mentally abusive household. I was working as a waitress at the time and had gotten a box cutter with a bunch of razor blades. The first time I cut myself was an accident, honestly. I was trying to push the grease trap back under the fryers and one my box cutter cut through my pocket and sliced my upper arm. Instead of freaking out, I liked it.
After that, I swiped a few more blades from the restaurant and everytime something went wrong, that's how I made myself feel better. For two years, I gained scars all over my thighs (I cut there to try to hide it from my little sister) and a few on my arms. A few people found out, but never did anything more than slap me for it. It wasn't until I got together with my now fiancé that I stopped all together. When he found out, he made me get help. It's been hard to stop, but he supports me and helps me when I really want to. I haven't harmed myself in 13 months though.
MamasFallenAngel MamasFallenAngel
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1 Response Feb 8, 2013

Good for you dear. Love can help heal so many things. It warms my heart that you have someone to help you now. I am so proud of you for your bravery. This world is hard. Its a scary place to be. I have a friend who use to cut. I've never judged her. I am not a cutter but we all have our ways to cope.....and many are not good for us. My methods are pretty bad and I wish i had someone to care and support me. You deserve this happiness. I hope you are always care for. Love and prayers. C