Looking to talk to someone about cutting. I'm scared I'm addicted and it's getting out of hand. I love the blade against my skin it's the only thing that lets me breathe.
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You can talk to me about it. Nothing is too much for me. You can talk to me about anything <3

Thanks that's sweet :)

stop that ****. don't punish yourself anymore. this cutting trend is ridiculous. I wish these kids would find peace and beauty in their mind and bodies. what's wrong with them?

Cutting isn't always an attention thing. In some cases the release of endorphins caused by painful stimulus can be positively associated with cutting.

I cut for 8 years, from ages 13-21. I finally began my recovery after I was ruched to the ER after a suicide attempt - and even then I wasn't quite ready to stop. I struggled with it every day.
But I stopped. And you can too. Wanting to stop, even if you only want to stop for a second, is the first step. You are worth more than that! You are a valuable person and deserve to be happy without self-harm.
If you need someone to talk to, or are looking for ways to cope without cutting, I would be happy to help.

You are extremely strong

Every single one of us is strong, or we wouldn't still be here. It took strength for you to post on this website, it took strength for you to realize that cutting isn't the answer, and it will take a lot of strength for you to stop.
But you have a community of people here to cheer you on. And I promise you, the fight is worth it.

Thank you 💜

Just keep trying :) The struggle is hard, but it is so worth it. Every morning when you wake up, remember that you are worth it!

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I'm a good listener and I definitely know what you're going through

Well, I used to cut. One night I should have bled to death. Please be good to yourself.

How did you stop?

The night I should have died scared me.

I scare myself. I don't want to do something I'm going to regret forever

Please try to stop. Believe me, I regret my scars.

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