I don't even know why I keep doing it I feel so alone :(
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I can see now that I was being an attention ***** right here soooo....

Also I would especially know I'm gay and a lot of the time people see the traits show and pick the f$cking s$&t out of me and i just vent my stress through screaming punchin bags or chopping wood so try that and stay strong.

Dude dont do it it's stupid never let this sh#t get to you life just one big cluster fu$k and when sh@t hits the fan you gotta take it and I would know I'm kinda the same way not the cuttung the emotional and social problems and I just ignore it so just keep truckin on

Lovely photo :)

Vinvi, no offense, but I'm gonna say this in the nicest way possible; Screw off! All you do is comment weird **** on young girls experiences about them cutting or being suicidal, and by the looks of your profile, you're a old pervert! ******* I hate perverse people!

I do it too.. It makes me feel better

I used to cut myself. At first I felt ashamed of myself but I couldnt help but accept that it helped me cope with emotional pain. Eventually I realised that I was a slave to it because everytime something happened that stressed me out or made me sad I would go straight to the blade. I would be talking to someone but thinking about when I could go and cut myself again. I wont lie, its hard to stop but you need to stop because you are stronger than the impulse to cut. Believe in yourself....I havent even met you but I would bet on you against the blade every time!!

I bet talking to me about it will work.

Telling me I'm not alone doesn't affect me

I know it wouldn't affect me too... Just sometimes you need a friend to talk to... Maybe vent it out another way...

I've tried almost everything it doesn't work

There's bound to be something aside from cutting I know it... I gave up cutting awhile back...

I vented it our by talking with other people

Well I don't know wat it is

You can try talking to me about your problems... it might help a bit

I've tried talking to the people I'm most close to it never works

Ok then... I just wanted to hear you out and help you through your troubles

I know I'm sorry

It's alright... typically I'm here to help other people not myself

Ok thxs

No problem just ring me up when you need me

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You do it because you want to feel. Otherwise you are numb. You are not alone.

Your not alone chica

I did it too... I just made a few cuts with my utility knife And it hurt like he'll... I just had to talk to someone... Maybe you would like to talk about it with me?

Your not alone i do it to.