Well it's getting better. But i was citing because of mu school mates :) but i'm fine. I'm only cutting when i'm mad or sad.
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I really hope you stop. I know it is an addiction but it gets really hard to stop. It gets really hard to hide the scars and then people began suspecting. I have been at it for an year in a half.

Yes i know was cutting more than a year but i stooped 6 mont ago and my cuts are getting healed so on this photo u don't se much anymore :)

That's great. I stopped cutting three months ago but I relapsed.

That nice :) i'm happy for you!!! But i'm steal cutting when i'm mad or sad i need to replace cutting for something else but i will make it :)

Same. I use music now to soothe me whenever I feel like cutting.

Yep i love music :) sometimes it help me come into a good mode :))

What do you listen to?

Hous music, rap sometimes hip hop..... And so on

That's good.

Yeah i <3 music :))))

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Is that your scars?

Yep i'm doing well 29 cutts alrdy healed u can't se it with camera its like they disappear :) i'm not cutting on my arm much more on my legs but they are all healing well

Good good...dude it really isn't the answer I mean just talking about it
Is better

Trou but it's helping me sometimes when i'm sad/mad

Go to the gym...I did mma and now
I'm the heavyweight champion now...it's a great substitute to it

Yep will try this thx u :)*

It's alright I'm here for you if you want to talk talk about anything

Thx u :)

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Omg i mean cutting* an my*

That's how it is first, but then it becomes an addiction. The best thing to do is stop, before you end up like me. You can always talk to me whenever the urge hits you, you know.

Awww thx u it was worser but 29 cuts alrdy healed so yes it was worser but its cool now but i'm not cutting much on my arm because my parents would see it i more cut my legs and stomach :))