If you cut or use to, please read this.

I'm doing a survey for future understanding of self harm as I may become a therapist.

I understand that a lot of people don't like talking about this so ill respect if you don't.

I'm going to leave a few questions here, you can either comment your answers, message me your answers or just ignore the survey altogether.

Your names or any info won't be shared with anyone, I'm just tallying stuff up.

•What age did you begin self-harming?

•What caused you to begin self harming?

•How do you feel when you have an urge to harm yourself?

•How do you feel after you harm yourself?

•What do you feel like self-harming does for you?

•Does anyone close to you know that you self harm? What is their reaction?

•What have you used for self harm?
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1 seven 2 several things 3 like I'm about to be crushed by sadness 4 amazing and free 5 it keeps me from suicide 6 no

1. I started in 4th grade so about 9

2. I felt empty and was looking for something to make me feel, My brothers girlfriend had marks all over her arm and I asked her what happened, I tried Cutting and got addicted

3. I feel numb, empty, emotionless, Like My friends and family could all die and I wouldn't care, And tired

4. Alive

5. Keeps me from becoming a depressed-zombie-human-thingy

6. When I was In sixth grade I told my friend she told the consular and the counselor told my mother, who told my grandparents and my brother who told my sister and my father, and everyone Was like, "noooo, please stop" But I don't want to so I said I would but never did

7. Biting, burning, cutting, pulling, banging, Overdose, starvation, pinching, breath holding, and cutting off blood flow. also I do a thing were I tie a string around my wrist tightly and Slowly tighten it over days and it slowly cuts into my arm kinda long lasting pain.

And if you want what I used,
7. My teeth, Lighter, matches, hot water, pencil eraser, razor, knife, box cutter, xacto knife, art blade, straight razor, pencil sharpener, my nails, Wellbutrin, prozac, Rubber bands, string, rope, hair brush.

1)13 2)depression and anger 3) anticipated 4)free, released from anger and sadness 5) relief from problems 6) yes, told me to stop 7)pocket knife, scissors and razor

1. 13, on just my ankles and wrists, not even all that deep. I started legitimately self harming when I was like 14 1/2, on my hips, stomach, sides, chest, and thighs.
2. I wanted to punish myself, which is still why I do, but only sometimes.
3. I feel like I'm gonna hyperventilate, or I get really claustrophobic-ish an agitated.
4. I either feel relieved, or I can feel normal emotions, or I feel like I've righted a wrong, depending on why I've cut/burned/bruised.
5. It keeps me from going 100% crazy. It helps me manage my emotions when I'm unable to alone.
6. Nobody knows. I've kept it hidden well enough
7. Lets see: razorblades, kitchen knife, box cutter, x-acto knives, sewing needles, pushpins, erasers, pencil sharpener blades, fingernails, paper clips, bobby pins, hair straightener, candles, hot pans while cooking, an earring (once), nail clippers and dozens of blunt objects for bruising. As you can see I've gotten pretty desperate at times.

1. If you count intentional bruising or falling on purpose etc then like 5. With razors, 13.
2. I'm not really sure, it made me feel powerful I think
3. Fidgety, anxious, everything made me think about it, almost like I ached for it
4. Good, if I cut deep then proud or accomplished, if they were scratches then worthless or pitiful
5. It's a coping method
6. Yes, my family and boyfriend and a few friends. My boyfriend would probably leave me if I started cutting again, my family thought it was stupid and attention seeking, friends just worry
7. Razors, knives, sharp plastic, glass, nails, slammed fingers in droors, burned with lighters or liquid wax etc etc

1) 16
2) parents/ stress
3) fidgety. Angry. Anxious. Sad.
4) satisfied. Guilty.
5) gives me control over my life. reminds me how much self control I don't have.
6) yes. Angry. Scared.
7) scissors. Knives. Razors. Box cutters. Pencil sharpeners. Pieces of broken metal. Etc.

Thanks, Lexi.

#1. 14 n#2. Bullying and problems at home. n#3. I feel anxious and can't control my self. n#4. I feel better and that I can control how I feel. n#5. It lets me feel better. n#6 yes and no they think I stopped in February but I still do it sometimes. They were pissed yelled at me and told me I ruin everything. n#7 I used my nails. I scratched my wrist until they bled. I used a curling iron and burned my wrist and stomach. I used pencils and pens. Stabbed my legs and wrist. I used razors cut stomach legs thighs and wrist. I used scissors. Cut stomach legs thighs an wrist. I used knives. The same way.

It takes courage to be able to tell me that..
Thank you for your input :)


I hope everything gets better for you. :)


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