Ok so I cut and well I have to dress out in 8th period ugh..... I don't know what to do some of my friends will tell on me and I don't want them to!!! But I don't know what to tell them when they ask were
I got them from theirs to many to be the dog. So can someone give tips on not to let them find out?
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How about you say you fell in the woods or something

How about stopping , try that idea on for size !!

I do my hips so no one can see

Don't start! There is no reason! If you need to cut, get a tree branch and cut to your heart's delight on that! You don't deserve self harm!

I don't think so and I don't believe it. What makes you think you deserve it?


Cover with bandages
Tell people something/someone scratched you, or pushed you and you fell arms out into glass. Try to stop. That **** doesn't look good, even after it scars up. People still give me weird looks. Long sleeve is your friend. Take care

Dress out in the locker restroom (if there is one)

Tell them that your rubber band was too tight, or start on your hip underneath your underwear. It works.
Try to stop though.