I broke. 2 months and then I broke. I'm so stupid. I hate myself. Maybe one day I'll it deep enough and I'll die.
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We all hope that my friend.

You are not weak to do so... Be strong and face it.. Talk to friends. Love yourself.

It's hard to love myself when there is so much to hate

Hate??? it must be outside.. but inside its love..pure, beautiful love.. Have faith on yourself, your strength.
We are confident on you then why cant you trust urself?

Exactly, see, even you don't like the way I look. But it's not just that. It's my parents and my homophobic dad who doesn't listen when I ask him to let me have some alone time. I haven't even come out to them. I think he might be cheating in my mom. They always yell at me. I am horrible

Pls dont misunderstand..be patient, practice calming down.. read good books.. you will comeout of this i can promise you that.. Infact i am confident about you

I do read good books, in fact, I love reading. I actually take yoga in school so, I am pretty calm

Am sure you are...am proud of you..


Dont thank.. If you are really feeling better.. try to pass on your positive attitude, goodness, love to others..
We will create a better world.. God Bless you

I'm not feeling better

I am sliced open and in pain

You just need to do your part of duty, respect your parents, obey them and concentrate on your studies.. Once you are through with your schooling.. you will be in better position to change the situations..

My parents are ******** and I have no respect for them

I only respect those who deserve respect

Okay..then stop mis-treating yourself.. You deserve to be happy..

Yeah, un actually, I might be in danger if I cut deeper...

Stop treating yourself like this. Believe in your self.. dont loose it

Have you seen my most recent post? And anyways, I'm useless anyways

You are not useless.. stop saying that. You are most sensible, strong person. I will try to see your recent post as well

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