Its so sad, the oldest age group im seeing under this experience is 22-25...
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I'm 13

Self harm can be manipulated into productive measure. The best thing to do in place of it is exercise till you can't move

Older people don't really tend to do it anymore.

Hmm im not sure if thats because todays younger generation have more of a tendency to get depressed, or because people tend to 'grow out of it' for lack of a better explanation...

Who knows. It could be because it's kind of a hype between teenagers really. Everyone tends to do it whenever they're sad. Usually because they see others doing it.

Well now i wouldnt say everyone... maybe its the internet, the likes of tumblr and all that where triggers pop up constantly and get the idea into young peoples heads, whereas older people dont use those sites as much? Yet another theory :)

I guess I am old in this case which is sad but its something that transcends age. You 'grow out' of shoes but old habits die hard. Cutting is free. Drugs are not. Plus, to me, which sounds terrible I guess, I get to paint a beautiful picture.

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Yeah I don't know what country you're from but here in burgervile (US) Self harm makes you an emo or want attention etc. Basically Depression is worthy of being shamed not helped and even more so if your a boy. I am over it but I was embarrassed I let my emotions go like that when I cut myself.

Wow man the emo **** is just a stereotype and if it's for attention we'd do it right in ur faces and depression should be helped not shamed and I'm a boy with depression and self harm yet I'm making plenty of money from UFC so all the people who say that are wrong

Oh I know that. (I need to write better dear God.) I think in America the lack of help for younger people with these issues probably contributes to why US numbers are so High.

Burger vile....

Im from Ireland. Self harm doesnt make anyone ''emo''. It doesnt make anyone more depressed than anyone else, and depression sure as hell isnt something to be shamed. Are you saying that if someones depressed they arent worthy of being helped? That they dont deserve help? And i suppose the same goes for people who aren physically ill, not mentally? So with your way of thinking, people who have cancer dont deserve treatment? Your way of thinking makes no sense and the only reason you should be ashamed is because of your ridiculous comment.

No I am saying here where I live that is the treatment one gets if they are a teen with such issues.

Why be embarrassed then??

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Self harm can affect anyone at any age

I know, its just the majority on this site seems to be around the 15 year old category and i just think its sad how theyre so young :/

That I agree is such a sad thing.