Away From Youre Self

I cut my self....

Its like a drug..

it gets you to a place of peace..

a place where you don't think about you're problems..

a place where you think of the future..

a fealing of numness....

a fealing of no fealing....

but most of all it gets you away from youre self....

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Yes , that's it .

If you are still with us...... do you have a good laptop or tablet? If you are going to kill yourself, can you send them to me?? Also, any credit cards or cash would be cool also... thanks. any furniture would be cool also dude!!!

I get it, it makes you feel totally and utterly in control of what your doing. I get it.

me too

I cut myself from ages 14 - 19. I was always able to do it discreetly and I hid it for years. Then, when I was 18 I finally showed my mom my scars and a few days later I got really intoxicated and my sister found me cutting myself in the bathroom. I was sent to the psych ward and since then I've only cut once. I realized that cutting won't solve my issues and it generally tends to make things worse. I still get the urges, I can't bring myself to get rid of my razors and sometimes I just want to take pills and get drunk so I can cut myself and not feel anything anymore.<br />
But just looking at the scars I already do have is enough of a deterrent, for now anyways.<br />
It is possible to stop even though it's addicting. Like any other addiction, you have to WANT to recover in order to do so. In the meantime you aren't alone so I suggest you talk to someone about this. It won't be easy, but it may give you some insight to help you stop.<br />

how do you cut yourself without dying? i mean where do you cut yourself? what kind of blade do you use? and how the heck can you bear all that pain?!

we often use the super thin superfine razor blades. they often only leave a sting and do not bleed excessively. i cut on my arm (both forearm and upper arm) and occasionally my thighs (i don't make those too deep or they hurt when i walk. i once tried cutting my belly but i just can't stomach seeing all that fat. my cutting is usually an inscription of some sort. often it is "pain" or "help". once i wrote them both in ancient Nordic rune and it seemed to have more meaning. anyway, so, for me: razor blades, shallow cuts, arms and thighs, light cutting or pain reliever.

Pencil sharpeners for me, wrists and thighs

I scratch on my ankles, elbows and hips. And to bear the pain...I am already in pain, so it's nothing I can't handle in a sense. But it is a habit no one should start. It may not seem so bad at first, but it gets extremely difficult to stop.

there is time when you'll know that cutting doesn;t helps , scars are there just to remind you , but your logical thinking will say -- you are stonger than this .... I used to do it also , then a guy asked me to stop and i stopped for a while , then i always get this wish to do it again , i know the feeling ...but thats not the way .. (hug)

it isnt always to fix something, sometimes i just want a break, a pause, then i can start fighting again...

i totaly understand that is exactly how i feel when i cut myself but it is hard to stop

how abt this <br />
I cut my self....<br />
<br />
Its like a drug..<br />
<br />
but it does not gets you to a place of peace..<br />
<br />
<br />
a place where you think about you're problems..that lead ur cuttting<br />
<br />
a place where you think of the bad future ..<br />
<br />
a fealing of pain....<br />
<br />
a fealing of every feeling....<br />
<br />
but most of all it come to you from youre self....

Hugs you tight ^^<br />
I love this story. Ive read this probally 100 times.

to anyone and everyone who has cut or thinks about cutting:<br />
<br />
i once experemented with cutting....nothing was wrong im my life to make me want to cut, but i saw a movie where someone was cutting, and i was curious, it has now been over a year, i have no intention of cutting again, but i still have the scars. i know how it feels to cut, and if ANYONE needs help or someone to lisin to them, I AM ALWAYS HERE, just send me a message and i will reply usually within the day. yes, i know im a stranger, but if u have read any of my stories, you know with the pertucular freinds i have, we dont share anything personal, but i like helping people, so if you need someone, i am here, i may only be 12, but i am very mature.<br />
:) *hugs*

i so want to do it now:(

if you want advice on it you could message me!

i'm 14 and i know how the addiction hurts. my scars hurt alot. i couldn't hide it from one of my friends, and she begged me to stop but i couldn't, and i still cut, but not as much as before. good luck to everyone trying to stop!

This is exactly how I feel when I do it. It's the best feeling, but I know that it's wrong and I wish I could stop because I hate myself for it. bUt sometimes everything gets too much.

Hey i'm the same age as you .. . and i just wanted to let you know i liked your writing i can relate

i understand, anything that's addicting is hard to quite. ~hugs~

I totally understand!!!! *hugs*

I would like to say to all you kids who are doing this, my son used to do it, and now he is a man, and all he basically got from it was scars. He regrets it now, and if he could tell you what he did to get over it, perhaps it would help. I empathize with your internal pain, but I think this is a fad, a way to get sympathy, but you are not getting help for the things that really bother you, by doing it. If you need someone to pay attention to your problems, EP is a great way to find empathetic ears, don't cut yourself, please, share a story about what is really bothering you, and talk to people about it. There is nothing you could tell us here at EP that hasn't been experienced by someone else, and maybe they can help of luck, sweet children, I love you all.

its just easier to deal with physical pain that the emotional,it tethers you to the ground.....maybe you know what i mean?

Yes it is alot easer and it distracts our mind for a while an you don't feel like burned on you about your emotions

It is very difficult to stop any addiction. But God gives us the capability to overcome. Whilst difficult, if you succeed in overcoming, it becomes easier to do so. And you move to a better place in life, you see things clearer and understand the destructive behavior of your past better. Eventually you will find yourself so different, you are incapable of understanding how you became the person you were and why you did the things you did. Bringing physical pain to enact the emotional pain you feel, only brings more pain. I have never cut, but from what I understand, you feel the need to act out the pain you feel. It brings a sort of temporary relief. But it does not solve any problems, just puts them on the back burner, and lets them grow bigger. Sorry if this seems like a judgemental outside, just want to help. Lemme know if there's anything I can do?

I cut myself as well and im 14.. My older brother found out and he begged me to stop.. And I did for a while.. But I do it more than before now.. It IS hard to stop.. Luckly ive hid it from my parents though.. But i dont know how much longer i CAN hide it.. You know?

My brother found out I cut and he didt say anything at first I thought he was disipointed butbu tryed to tlk to him about it cause I trust him and now I realized he don't care :( I wish he did it hurts that he don't. Now I see no point in tlking about it anymore it's just a bother and who cares ?

someone who listened to your story and actually has a heart to care. there are many like that in the internet.

after awhile, they get deeper and then you HAVE to telll your parents like i had to last september in the beginning of 8th grade.

I know how you feel. <br />
I battle the temptation every day. <br />
I hate it when people tell you that its not hard to quit. <br />
It IS an addiction. and it IS hard.

The temptation is far bigger then anything it is very difficult to stop and I have only been doing it for 2 months

*hug* I understand. I wish I could make it better.