God Bless Long Sleeves & Neosporn

I went a big off the edge of my sanity last night. Well techincally it could be called early this morning, since it was around 4am. I got really upset, over God know's what. I truly can't remember most of what happened last night. To make a long, confusing story short, my arm is damaged. It's nothing deep nor dangerous to myself. I won't bleed to death, and the scars won't last long. I took a razor (from a razor you would shave your legs with) and ran it down my left arm multiple times. If I had to make a guess, I'd say about 12 times. It's not exactly the prettiest thing I've ever seen. Also went 9 times across my wrist on my right arm. I started with that, then went to the left. I really have no idea what the hell I was thinking. Now I can't even get in the shower cause it burns to run water over them. I'm sitting here in stupid pain from putting neosporn on them. I couldn't feel dumber right now, seriously. Atleast their not very deep so I don't have to wear long sleeves too long. I would hate for my aunt to get suspicious.

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If they leave scars, you can use honey, coco butter or olive oil on them. It'll make them fade and get unnoticeable (is that a word?) (:

Thank god for UK weather. It's almost always cold where I am, so no one ever questions long sleeves, no matter the season.

Bracelets.......lots of bracelets.......

i laughed when i saw the title. it's not funny to cut, but I feel the same way: THANK GOD for winter. I love my long sleeves. It's starting to get warm where I live and it's harder to hide.

Winter is a savior of mine. I hate being cold, but no one questions why my arms are covered. You aren't alone in these thoughts

It's hardest to think in the middle of the night. I find that if I'm up really late and I'm tired, my mind tends to think about all the things that are either hurtful or confusing. Reality seems unreal and emotions are going haywire: emotional pain becomes physical and physical pain seems almost like a dream. I understand, really. If you're truly worried about this happening again, don't think when you're up really late and you're really tired. It helps.

I get the same thing,when you get upset, just think why the **** am i upset and would doing this really help? at leat you know what you did was wrong but dont find comfort in the pain,t wont help your situation, if you wanta hand with thscars, if thyre still stinging put savalon or sudocrem on and when they heal use biooil to get rid of the scars

you know you did wrrong, thats a good first step. now for prevention from doing it again. <br />
hopefully they WONT heal nicely. not to sound mean or rude but usually with rare time cutters scary scars will stop you from doing it again.

When that need.. that feeling is inside you... whispering to your ear... it doesn't care for what we are upset... that end up like in a second place, because that need... take the control of everything... and even if you dont even know what you are mad... you still mad.., and the feeling just dont go away.... until there is blood running ....

i get a shower right after i cut and it only burns for a few mins but the cuts start to go numb.

I have cut myself for 27 years its not good I am scarred quite badly I just wish there was somewhere I could go to sort it out. Some things that help me when I feel like this is to use a red rubber band and inflict pain by flicking that onto yr wrist or use a red marker to 'scratch' marks on yr wrist. These both give the feeling that blood is eveident and help at times

I have tried the rubber band... and i started to work after I kinda sorta delt wit wat it was i was going through. But i also turned to smoking as well as doing the rubber band.

I like winter... then you dont have to give explanations for wearing long sleeved clothes..

i cut too and most of the time i cant rember why but its a good thing its winter.i started about a month ago pushing pins through my rists,painful but dont leave a big scar.i know how u feel

Nope, no idea....

Sorry to hear that, you dont know why you were so upset?