Someone Accidently Saw

This has never happened before.

The guy asked how my arm got all scratched up. I had cut my upper arm and the sleeve of my T-shirt rode up to reveal the cuts.

I thought he was asking about scars, not scratches, and assumed he was asking about the scars on my forearms.(which were from me scratching them when I used to not cut)

I said it was a rope swing accident, and kinda chuckled. He looked confused, so I explained and turned around.

My friend who knew I cut said "Oh yeah right." sarcastically. I ignored him, and looked down and noticed my cuts were showing.

I quietly panicked and texted the friend who knew and asked if the guy was asking about my upper or lower arm.

He replied saying upper.



The guy never asked again, if he does I'll go with saying ohhh I thought you were asking about my lower arm, I scratched my upper arm jumping a fence blah blah blah and so on.


I need to be more careful, and I hope that guy doesn't suspect I harm myself. Although theres a good chance he does. :/

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3 Responses Mar 1, 2010

I've only told one person i cut. my best friend. I told him I stopped, and then one night, i broke down and had to cut.I told him, saying I was sorry for breaking. He was really disappointed. I still cut, and he doesn't know it. It's easier in the summer now that I don't see him often. He also understands what I'm going through. I now wear a wrap around my arm, and say i have a gash from cutting fish. <br />
(since we have a pond and fish a lot). Everyone seems to buy it. <br />
Be careful with what you do. Good luck. <br />

When I cut I told my two best mates and then we had a fight. They told everyone and they said i was mentally sick. Even the teachers. They all want me to get help. They don't know what it's like, how i felt.

I had an experience like that... it was horrible