I cut. My arms and my wrists. Blood running down my arms. I feel I deserve all the pain. I've cut since 3rd Grade.
When I take the blade, it runs through my skin, losing blood. I have been to the hospital twice for blood loss... Cutting eases the pain
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I know what you feel ,I cut myself too, and I have scars because of it. I cut myself when I am angry or upset, and when I cut myself I can't feel pain at all and I like it. Also I used to scratch myself and bleed and I didn't care. Iam warriorcat36

Sure.its like this weird thing....people say I pull them out of depression but for some reason I just can't help myself.

Sure then. Pm me...^.^

Don't cut please.I do but I can help you get over it.I don't want anybody to suffer like me.

You\'d Do That?

Don't cut... I will try and help you. I will try and help ^^ please ...