My Red Wrists

I was 12 when i started i was gping through a rough patch of my life i couldnt take it i saw on you tube that cutting might help release stress i tried it and the first time i went to deep i bled uncontrolably and couldnt stop i went hospital to have stitchs ..people made fun of made because they saw the scar ..i cut again ...and again ..over and over untill it got to the poiny that there wasnt 1 point of my arm that wasnt covered in blood i promosed myself after that i wpuld never do it again ........about 2 years later it started again i was about 14 ....i was in a care home but no one wanted me at school when they foumd at that i was in a care home the bullying started again i pretended o didnt care every day i would go home and cut ....when i jad pe normally i wpre a jumper we were doing swumming i refused theu made me so when the other girls saw the cuts and scars they all went silent wispering abput me they told everyone and the bulling go worse than ever ...the cutting started again .....i still cut now as a way to release stress i have troed sp many times to stop but it is the wimpy way out for me cpnsequently i have to wear long sleaves and jide my arms and neck
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Hey I'm sorry to hear that. I think your cure is with love, care and person to be with you
If you think I can help you to get rid of this add me I'll do my best to help you.

You need a big ****.

oh hun, this story has made me sad. if i can help in anyway please let me know.

Thanks but im not sure there is mu h you can do :/ but thanks for the offer

one thing you can try is to put tight rubber band, or several of them, around your wrist.

Instead of cutting just snap it . Snap it pretty hard and you can get that same kind of release without the scars

Seriously, you are young and pretty don't scar your body all to hell