I Feel Out Of Control

Shoot somtimes i feel uncontrolable some times i just want to cut to deep and bleed out and be gone before anyone notices. Yeah ill admitt it i cutt myself shoot i just got out of the shower were i just finished cutting 22 slits acrossed my stomache and carved jsm wich are my best friends intials he is in jail for first degree murder and hes only 14 years old a week before all this shiz wentt down we promised each other somthing he promised me he wouldnt get it to any more trouble with the cops and i promised him i would stop cutting well i guess im going to hell cuz i lied. And on top of that i go to an alternertive school were im bullied no stop ive been to psychreatric feclittys hillcrest shadow moutain and parkside i take 4 different medicens just so i can thank right and sleep night and it dosent help the nightmares i have everynight of the man who molested me and my sister whos 18 and im only 14 simetimes i just thinkim here to take up space oxegon i never felt so alone and helpless in my life.i think about ending it all maybe tonights the night
justanotherlonelyface justanotherlonelyface
13-15, F
Jan 10, 2013