So last week this time was an extremely bad time. I was stupid....

So now i have taken to wearing wristbands. yep. I actually stole the wristband.  I should change my life but im not that motivated. maybe i can make things better for myself... maybe



... probably not.

Tacit Tacit
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5 Responses Dec 27, 2008

Your not alone. I have to wear them too and people say to me 'I didn't know you wore wristbands' it hides it but it's always there, when I go to rugby training or to my rugby gym, my coaches and players see but don't say anything. I'm glad that they don't but in a way, you'd think someone would be there to give a helping hand.

i hope one day u will think better just for ur self not for other but for ur self good luck

*Hugs* think positive!!!!

Thanks =/

*hug* = (