Yep. I cut and I bleed :/ :/
Frankineedles Frankineedles
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I cut to! People who don't cut don't know how hard it is to laugh, smile and they don't know how hard it is to stop! People think we do it for attention when attention is clearly the last thing we want! I'm always here if you need to talk x

I can really relate to that and thanks :)

Plz dont

I can't help iy

I use to do the same thing cutter from ages 8-11

Wow. That's a young age!

Yea but I learned to smile

I know u can learn if u will let me teach u


First think about the things u have that others don't

Not a lot

Listen bro I the **** I've been through at the age of 5 will make people at the age of 21 cry there eyes out

U can make it u strong


I believe in you


It's no problem if u wanna talk just mssg me

Ok. Thanks

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