I Need Help...but No...

well today i made a few new cuts and went down stairs to the living room and acted soo happy to fool my parents.. and well sad thing is tho i was playing around and my mom yelled to come near her so i did she grabed my wrist only for me to relize i forgot my SWEATER!!!! she freaked out said what happened to no  ore mom i promise....? so now i need to stop and keep on the DL for a lil while hoping i can ;live each day without needing  my deeply needed pain... so yeah today was funn like i never forget my sweater and when i do i hide my wrist VERY well... i dont know how it happened but now my parents are trying to put me on a guilt trip.. anybody ever had this happen???

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The same thing happended to me but different. My mom was..........I am not even going to go there. But I had just finneshed cleaning my cuts so I went out and acted like nothing was wrong, wearing both my braclets, gloves, and my sweater. I sat down for one minute and my mom is being WAY to nice. And she noticess that I look like I cried realy bad and asks me what's wrong. So I immediatly say nothings wrong with my mask hidding my feeling and leave the house and walk for like 2 hours until I have to go home to her again. One day I did leave my wrists bare and my mom still didn't knotice, omg she is so into herself that she blocks everyone else out

Yes, I know exactly what that feels like. I was also very good at hiding my scars, but it's not worth it. I haven't cut in 4 years, and i am very proud. The scars however, are still there for the world to see. Looking back now i wish i had never done that to myself. I am 20 years old now and love life to the fullest, but it wasn't always like this. I went through 3 very dark years of cuttting and depression. Counselling really helped me, it was though at first, but it got better. It will get better, get the help you deserve, and i promise things will get better. Life is beautiful, and you will see that. Much love,
- Brittney, xo

yeah this totally had this happen excepti was in placement and i ended up going to a hospital for it yeah it sucked

yeah this totally had this happen excepti was in placement and i ended up going to a hospital for it yeah it sucked

No one ever noticed when i forgot my jacket, unless they were looking for the cuts. my family didn't even notice! it was really depressing in a weird way.

it happened to me today at school. my uniform sweater was in the wash and I had no choice but to walk around the whole school with cuts that were just healing into scars on my wrist and all up my arm. it was awful. my best friend told me I should've just stayed home and that it was embarrassing to have me around her like that even to I hid it so damn well. people saw it the split second I moved my arm a tad so it was accidentally visible and just ugh ****. it was bad. I was called emo **** all day and one of my old guy friends (who is an *******.) broke a locker mirror and shoved a piece of the glass in my hand and told me to cut myself in front of him... <br />
<br />
like it was just one day without my sweater and it was just awful. :'c so don't worry you're not alone. if you ever need anyone I'm here. :3

yes i have done the same thing and my mom freaked out... i started wearing sweat bands so if i forgot my jacket the can never see

My best friend told her step mom then she told my mom and my mom claimed i was only doing it for attention why can't anyone understand?

well this kinduf happened to me ! i cut my wrist like allot and i was good at hiding it ....till one day at school i was called to the office ! my best friend had told the principle! i was dead meat ! and then the conciser told my mom !

Yep. Thats happened to me only with my friends. i went to school relizing i forgot my jacket. wow it sucked!