People who cut themselves.
Some people say that people who cut themselves are seeking attention. I can't agree with this 100%. One thing I did notice, people who cut do it in secret. Shame and fear can make it difficult to ask others for help.

They feel detached. They cut from their feelings. They may feel depressed and empty. Their sadness, fear, guilt, or anger feel overwhelming and out of control. They convert emotional pain into physical pain.

How to help.
Talk about it to them. They might lie, change the subject but get involved.
Tell someone. Family member. An adult, someone loving and close to that person.
Find that person a way to replace cutting. Something that will actually help.
Acknowledging your friends pain. Be a good role model. Support your friend and be their cheerleader if they try to stop. Don't judge either.

How to stop.
If you're cutting. Get active and productive. Spend less time alone and at home, get involved with a group o some sort.
Listen to positive music. It'll help change your mood and drift your mind.
Start writing. Express your feelings through writing. Write stories, poems, express yourself, write lyrics. Write to others. Write, express.
Volunteer. Get a job of some sort. Contribute good to society. You are worth so much. The world needs you, there is so much to be done. Take from your experience and help others. Become a fighter and survivor. Help others who went or are going through what you went through.
Exercise. Walk, run, work out. This will motivate you as well as distract you. It'll keep your mind away from cutting.
Take a shower.
Seek help from others. Therapy. Family, friends, teachers. Get others involved.

Love yourself. There is more to life than you can imagine. Expand yourself, expand your life, try different things. Take in as much as you can.
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10 Responses Mar 25, 2016

Some people cut for attention, others genuinely do it because of depression

I honestly don't believe someone cuts simply for attention of others.

If someone feels the desire to cut their own flesh, something is wrong.

I have met people who cut for attention, but someone in my school claims to cut, but i have never seen cuts on her arms, and she often wears short sleeves

I am a cutter. I have the old scars to prove it. Every time I cut, I wasn't thinking about the after affect. I was consumed in the blood, and the pain. Distracting myself from the emotional torture I was dealing with. Only after my mind calmed down did I realize what I had done. I was ashamed, I would call out of work and lose jobs trying to avoid people seeing my self harm marks.
Definitely be kind and gentle when dealing with someone who cuts. And NEVER, tell them they are stupid or when in an argument don't tell them they should go cut themselves

These conversations are an inspiration to us all, it's moments like this that we realize there are people out there such as you that make life worth living

Thank you for putting this out here! I wish I had seen this earlier in my teen years. See I began self harm when I was a freshman in high school (14 years old) and continued throughout my adulthood. It got worse as I got older and attempted to commit suicide, but I got sent to a mental hospital for three months and eighteen days. I was discharged a week ago and even though I am on meds. I'd be lying if I said I don't have any urges to self harm. *laughs embarrassedly*

Keep talking about it, it has to help

Hi sweetie, search the net in your local area there are support groups out there.
Care about yourself

i dont know why anyone would want to do it, cuts are so painful

This is very good advice, don't suffer in silence, there is help out there

You are wise beyond your years LeahLovee. Your friends are really lucky to have you.
It's positive posts like this I'm going to so miss!

Thanks for the information. I tried to help a young girl with this problem during her teenage years. She made it through. Is now the mother of three with one on the way. I believe the kids gave her a reason to stop.

Thanks, I truly needed this.

i knew some on who used to cut :(

she is not here with us anymore ! she was my best ep friend :(