First Time.

First time I cut my wrists, I felt the pain.  I cried and that's what got me caught.

The second time I tried, I nearly died.  They had to bring me back at the hospital. 

The third time, I locked myself in the bathroom, my foster dad had to break down the door to do it.

Fourth time was with Jace [Eg, boyfriend] and we went to his house.  His mother came into his room and caught us. 

I haven't tried since then, but I may do soon.

Its only Jace that keeps me on this earth.

GothicGirl10 GothicGirl10
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 26, 2010

Ive tried too several times..ive never pushed myself to cut deep enough..the worst that's come to me was recently last week i slammed my head into the wall and hit a stud that gashed my forehead open and left me with a sever concussion