I Need A Decent Friend To Talk To!

I've been suffering from depression all my life! I started cutting myself at the age of 9! I'm ashamed to say its become an addiction! Tonight was the first time in over a year I've done it and I'm so ashamed! I need someone to talk to who won't judge me and understand me otherwise I think I might turn to suicide again!
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9 Responses Aug 30, 2011

talk! or write I'll listen.. I don't judge, and sometimes what I've got to say will help!

My niece has done the same thing, we have a code word for it. While I was in the hospital due to depression I saw a girl all scarred up because she did the same thing, it was a sad thing to see. We all have moments where we all just want to beat ourself up for the life we have been dealt with, but we have to learn how to try and learn how to channel our emotions away from what drives us to do just that. <br />
I do not want to come off as sounding like some kind of therapist but if you feel the need to cut then you need to find the right person to talk to about this, so it does not go to the extreme. You have friends here, Just come along and reach out before you do, this is a helpfull site that offers helpfull advice and you can always find someone you can turn to.

I have suffered from depression since a very early age too. I have tried everything and nothing helps, everything is so empty I feel so sad some times I could just be sick. I think about suicide all the time because nothing in this world really makes me happy. I know how you feel, its awful and lonely. You can talk to me anytime, I promise I will understand and try to help if I can.

If you need someone to talk too, who's been there, just send me a message. I know it hurts when you try so hard to stop and then relapse, the same thing happened to me.

I don't know much about cutting but I'm here if you need a talk...

I think suicidal tendencies are experienced by each and every human being at a point of time. The difference is that few admit it and few don't or few learn to deal with it. Problem with you is that you are so much into the negative side that you think suicide is the solution to your problem. We have fear of unknown that's we think of running away from the same by suicide are you confident enough that after slitting you waist or after dying you will be safe or not be lonely. Nobody knows that. So please write your problems so that people could reply to your posts and guide you the right way and don't think about suicide as life is beautiful if you choose to enjoy it.

You have nothing to be ashamed of, I used to also cut myself and I know what an addiction it becomes, when people used to ask me my I cut myself the answer was simple, the pain I felt inside my heart became so overwhelming I needed to find another way of dealing with what I was feeling and by cutting myself and seeing the blood become a visualization of what I was feeling inside those wounds I inflected on myself heals quicker but the wounds in you're heart takes time and is such a painful process. I suffer from Major Depressive Disorder, I understand what you going through, don't ever feel ashamed of you're scares I call it my war scares.

Well if you need someone to talk...you can talk to me whenever you need !!

my daughter used to do that when she was a teenager she is 22 now i would always try to keep her busy doing something so her mind was off that and not leave her alone