Getting That Urge Again...

It has been 51 days since I last cut myself, but the urge is getting harder to resist. I keep trying to find other outlets, other coping skills, but nothing has brought ne the same satisfaction. Satisfaction... I can't express how ashamed and appauled I am for being satisfied when I cut myself... but it brings me relief. All I can hope is that I stay strong enough to resist, and that one day the urge to cut will go away.
kateegirl kateegirl
22-25, F
1 Response May 21, 2012

i truly hope u are able to stay strong<br />
i know how hard it is<br />
when its in ur mind it just nags+nags at u<br />
till its all u can think about<br />
and u feel like u have no option<br />
i know i can give any tips for u not to do it<br />
wish i cud<br />
but know people care

Thank you &lt;3