I Cut Because I'm Sad

i carry a nife to cut my face, and body and arms and chest i'm so emo i'm the only emo in my family and i'm a satanic
sadboy2003 sadboy2003
18-21, M
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I cut myself too. Remember, emo is just short for emotional. It's just a label. You're just looking for love as many young people are, including myself. Don't worry about it. Quit when you can and take care! You can message me if you wish to talk more, I know how you feel :) <br />

i'll love to talk

I just want to let you know, i know how you feel and if you ever want to talk dont be afraid to message me! I'm a great listener and i know i want to find love to. But cutting yourself isnt going to help.

There is no Satan and Emo. They are as good as alive like Superman and Spiderman. And you are a human being longing for love.

yes i'm looking for love

Let us work out to find the love.