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Stop The World, I'm Getting Off.

A broken mirror,
A bleeding first,
Holding onto a silver razor,
As tears stream down,
Onto lips unkissed.

She is not one that will be missed.

I'll show you mine,
Only if you show me yours,
We'll compare scars,
Decide who's worse.

I've come to the point,
Where I'm bleeding,
Just to know if I'm alive.

I don't know if I'm getting better,
Or I'm just used to it.

Used to the difficulty,
Of getting out of bed,
Getting dressed,
Every breath I take,
Is its own individual challenge,
As I search for a reason,
To inhale once more.

Look at your cuts,
Look at your burns, your bruises,
Each one of those,
Is a battle,
That you have lost.

Each time I drag the blade across my wrist,
Watch the blood slowly start to pour,
I pray for courage,
To press down,
Just a little more.

But the wounds will heal,
The pain will subside,
The scars will go away,
The ones you tried so hard to hide,
But the memories will never fade,
And the proof will always show,
The lines on my face,
Will eventually tell you all you need to know.

But for now,
How will you know I'm hurting,
If you cannot see the pain?
To wear it on my body,
Is more then my words could ever explain.

Maybe one day,
It'll all be okay again,
I don't care what it takes,
I just want it to be okay.

Tired of living; scared of dying.

bigeyesseemore bigeyesseemore 18-21, F 4 Responses Jul 19, 2012

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I can relate to this

Dont give up.

Wonderful poem, it really comes from the heart. I can relate

Thank you, too many of us can relate. brought tears to my eyes seems like looked in my heart before writing this thanks for sharing

We all have the same story in a way, just differnt dates ans differnt people. But no, thank you for the response, means alot. brought tears to my eyes seems like looked in my heart before writing this thanks for sharing