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"She Has Scars Under Her Sleeves"

I was born. That's how it always starts. Being born. Because of that, you live. And if you live long enough, you start thinking. That got me in trouble. I thought too much. I left. Life became hard. No more living, just surviving. Everything I thought I knew was gone. That ended two years ago. When I was adopted. Me, a child, not a baby, adopted. Rare. So I went. I lived. I got used to it. No more surviving, just living. But then, things changed again. I lost my voice. I can't talk. At all. Since then, people treat me different. Like I'm odd. They hurt me. Because they know they can. Hurt me in lots of ways. So I started cutting. I knew what to do some how. I just knew. It hurt the first time. But I did it. Again and again. It hurt so much, but it felt good. I still do when I hurt inside or out. It makes the worse hurt to away.
Emolia Emolia 18-21, F 2 Responses Sep 16, 2012

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Stop cutting yourself darling. You know from what i know things always work out and tables do turn at some point + your a good writer and your stories. If you keep cutting what will i read next time???????? Life can be hard but its not always like that. All the best Ta Ta


your welcome!!

Please dont, you are great, dont let depression get the best of you. You have a wonderful person you shouldnt let others get the best of you. :D you are great!

I'm glad you think so. :')

:) Everyone thinks so, you really are great!

What makes you think that? :')

I dont think, i know everyone loves you no matter what. You have us, we will love u to no end. Feel happy for who you are :D

Oh. Oke! :)

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