This Is Why I'm Not Just A Kid With Problems. I'm 14.

so, when my mom was 14 she started cutting, doing hard drugs and drinking . she ran away a lot and then was diagnosed with schizophrenia when she was 15. she tried to kill herself 3 times and my grandparents put her in the mental hospital. she spent 6 months in there. she "got better" and was released. it came back when she was 20 and thats when she met my dad and got pregnant with me, he was cheating on her anyway and when she found out she told him she was pregnant and that it was his, he left her and she lost it and went back to the hospital. she got out 3 months before she gave birth (to me, age 21). everything was perfect until i was 4, when she relapsed yet again, this time i was taken away and stayed with my grandparents. Mom got out and after 2 years, they let me live with her again and the next year my sister was born(different dads). when my sister (aleisha) was 4 her dad left too and you could've guessed it, mom went crazy again and off to my grandmothers house i went while my sister went with her aunt from her dads side. a few months later we went back with mom and life was great with a few minor problems that every normal person goes through in life until 2009. my mom and her bf broke up, which wasnt a big deal because they both lost interest and found someone else, it was actually a relief. my mom met a really nice guy named mike and they were so happy, i was happy! you can imagine how hard all the **** before this was and to have a few months of peace was like heaven. but then, we found another side of Mike. he and my mom got into a heated argument and he hit her. this happened twice in 8 months and then it was weekly, then almost daily. we were taken away for 3 months. after the first fight my mom got into hard drugs and alcohol again and i had discovered cutting the pain out of my arms a year or so before that. that july, my mom robbed the windsor pharmacy at gun-point. later that day, i was at a friends house after being there over-night. i was really sick and my mom came over to help me shower, it was just accross the street but i was feeling so sick that i couldnt walk over. we heard a knock at the door and my friend's (katie) aunt told her to get the door. katie ran down and we heard the door open. we heard her scream. she ran up the stairs screaming that there was a man at the door with a gun. we all ran into a closet and pushed shelves against the door. we called 911 and they literally hung up on us. we called back and they said he was a cop. so we started down the staircase with more than 20 guns pointed directly at us. we had to put our hands up and i was in shock so i didnt realize and didnt put up my hands so one of the guys stepped closer and i screamed and started to run when one of the guys with guns grabbed my arm. i put up my hand and he let me walk out. we had to stay at the neighbors house until they searched the house. while we were walking down the stairs they were all screaming at once. when i was in that closet, we all said goodbye because we knew we were all going to die that day. later we were told mom was going away for a while to be questioned. the next thing we found out was told to us on the news, "Windsor resident Candace Burgess robbed the Pharmasave last Thrusday at 10 after 9 in the morning. Witnesses say she was pale and looked sick and was armed with a gun". we went to visit her in the holding prison in burnside twice and then she was moved to truro where we saw her once a month. when she was released, in january, we still werent allowed to live with her . she got off probation last week. that might have seemed to be more about my mom, but it was harder on me than her because she didnt watch herself fall apart. she didnt watch through the opening in my bedroom door as she got beat up by the man who was supposed to make everything better . thats why i have TSD and schizophrenia. thats why i want to scream and run away every time i see a gun, a cop or a pharmasave.
vannyrannybanny vannyrannybanny
13-15, F
Sep 22, 2012