I Cut Myself Because I Feel Unadequate.

About 7 months ago I looked at my razor in the shower and thought "I'm depressed, I should do something about it".That night was the first time I cut.I did it once a week usually.I had a major fight with my friend about 5 months ago and it got worse.Sometimes I cut everyday.Slicing my wrist felt like a punishment for everything I do wrong.At the end of this summer I tried quitting after I told my best fruend.But it is too hard.Every time I have the strength to quit my mom says that I made a mistake when I stopped being friends with somebody.Or other days it's people at school messing with me, embarassing me, and I don't want to go to school anymore.I've never had a boyfriend and no guy has ever been interested in me.I just don't feel good enough for anyone.Especially my mom.
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but now you not

I feel the same


awwww. thts so sad. i wanna get to know u...

I'm done now.But I jhave urges too almost every day.

hi there, you cut your self because someone is making you feel inadiquete, you should not listen to any negative talk, you are good and you are worthy of respect, stay away from negative people and you will be ok, even if you are alone you are with a nice person, each cut makes you feel better about yourself, yes, but you should cut out all the negative things in your live, people and feelings, we are not perfect , love yourself and you will love life,

I'm working on it.

if u need someone im there k im depressed the same way but i dont cut my self and cuttin ur self wont help any u need a friend that understands and ill be that friend k ill be there for u

With my disease, it's obvious I feel depressed sometimes. I feel like there's no way out. My mom blames me for things I have no control over and I lose friends because of it. I used to cut alot. I liked the sight of my blood; and I thought maybe if the universe saw I hated so much about myself, it'd try to help. Boy, that sounds weird haha. I stopped. I just thought it wasnt worth wearing sweaters in the summer to hurt myself even more. Hold your head up! It'll be okay!

Thank you.I'm trying to quit.

I also have friends who face the same problem. Sometimes, we're trying to be a perfect person to others. But we must know even how hard we're trying to be, it just wasting our times. We just need to treat people well, but if people don't treat us well, we need to find our spirit and support. You just need to find out what things might help you to make people respect you, accept you and be your true friends. Find out your talents ! I give you example. You know Lady gaga ? Do you think a normal person will act like her ? She's an inspiration. She taught us to be different in a good way. I hope you understand my english, because I am Malaysian. So I usually speak in Malay . :) be strong !

You're really nice.I actually quit 38 days ago.The temptation is extremly bad and I still feel the same way.I understand it completly.I find it cool that you can speak two languages.

I have never cut myself, but when I was very young I would hit myself and pull out my hair because I felt I needed punishment. To be honest, I don't real know what to say, because I did have supportive parents. Just try and find constructive ways to get through, maybe through art or music.

I hope for the best.

Thank you

I pulled my hair too but I just did it because if anger😔

I have never cut myself before but I know how it feels to be just not good enough. I dont have any life changing advice but I can understand how it feels to be unadequate. How sometimes nothings good enough. The only thing I can say is never lose hope. Sometimes its hard and I know that 'never lose hope' is a very used statetment but try and smile even if its hard. Nothing you do can ever grant such punishment. I know I'm a stranger but I wish you the best, because sometimes thats all I can do.