I Cut Myself & Had To Get Help!

This happened recentely, I was really depressed and down for a few days. My birthday came, and everyone left me and I felt so alone, and I felt like no one cared. My mom has opened up our home to foster children. I feel sooo replaced by this one who is here. She has to be the center or attention and she is constantly talking about herself, and it really aggervates me. On her birthday which is like a month before mine. All of my friends came over here for her birthday. But on mine no one showed up or even texted me to see if I was doing anything. So that made me feel like no one wanted me around or like anyone care. I cried myself to sleep that night and just didn't want to do anything at all. The next day i go to my grandparents house and the girl that is in foster care here went with us.I see a cake and everything sitting out. and I thought atleast my grandparents would make me feel special. but no there was 2 cards sitting on the table. one for her too. I was torn. I felt like i didnt matter anymore. maybe because she was more outspoken than me. I hardly ate my food at lunch that day. When I got home. I had to do something about my depression. So i cut myself. I drew blood to the surface. I was even to the point where i was about to kill myself. When my mom saw all my cuts she took to me the er where they did an assesment and i was amitted to a hospital where people go for depression and things like that. they gave me medication. and with me being there i belive in god. now i am worknig on becoming a better christian. I just dropped out of school and i am planning on getting my ged and attending college. I want to be a social worker, and help other people that are going through some of the same problems that i went to..
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Broke my heart just reading this if u ever need sum1 2 talk 2 im here

Glad that you could move beyond this!!!