I Used To Cut Myself And Almost Died.

Two years ago, in 8th grade, I used to cut becuase I was depressed. Than a year later in 9th, I tired to commit sucied. My mom, found me in time and took me to a mentl hopstail to see what was wrong. I talked to them, and they almost made my saty for a few days, but thank God, I leraned my leasson and didn't stay. Ever since then, it's been a year now and I am in 10th grade, I havn't harmed myself or try to kill myself since then and I never will agian. So if anybody ever thinks about doing that, don't ever do it. It is a horribile mistake. If you need help, there are sucid help hot lines you can try: 800-SUICIDE is an exsample. It gets better. God put you on this earth for a reason. ♥
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Well done, im proud that you didnt kill youself. No-one should kill themselves, im glad you made it better for yourself. :)

Thank you :)

Its ok :P

your nice. :)

Thanks <3

instead of cutting, I write stay strong. ♥

Well done im really happy to hear that :)<3

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