Just The Way It Is

I SOOO hate my life. Nothing good ever happens to me. EP the only family I have left. Well only few persons I talk to on here anyways. I've suffered abuse way too much now. Feels like its time I just TAKE MY LIFE but no no I refuse to give up so easily. I am determine to fight to survive, doing whatever it takes. I cut myself today so DEEP think I saw my ,just to feel if am living a life or if am human! its went I felt the hurt, pain and suffering that I know am breathing air. sometimes all I need is just to hear the words ''I love you'' to be reassured I belong here but until then my life will stay JUST THE WAY IT IS!!
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2 Responses Nov 7, 2012

you think you saw your what? you didn't finish....I used to cut sometimes if it's really tough I still do and I am almost 40....life sucks they say. I have to agree that most outside influences you will deal with through out your life with probably be negative, selfish, and greedy. I know a great secret though. It's so simple but absolutely true. You will attract what you think about. What you focus on is what you will live with. So if your negative you will of course attract that type of person. I know sometimes the hurt and anger is beyond control, especially when your alone. But know that you have a purpose, your life has meaning and it's up to you to figure out what that is. There are people that need you and love you. Maybe someday when you say "I do" or hold your first born or graduate from college you will look back on this and see that the key to your happiness is not with that degree, or infant or lover, it's in you. In order to have those wonderful things and truly appreciate them you have to appreciate and love yourself first. Anytime you need to talk beautiful, I am here for you.

With love and gratitude,

I am sorry that you are going through this, Baby Girl! I am happy to "hear" strength in your voice to carry on though. You are so young. You are a blank slate. The only limits on what you will become are the limits that you set. Set the bar high, girlfriend!

You may not realize it, but you are highlight of my day sometimes....Except when you call me grandma! LOL We need you, just like you need others. I really do enjoy our late night talks. You are wise beyond your years...Well, sometimes! LOL I love ya girl..Keep your head up!