I'm Dying

Hi! My name is Cole and I am a biological female, feeling as if she should not be in this body. I never knew my parents, and that is part of all of this. I've been transgender since primary school, and its the only life that I've ever known. Kids have always teased me about it, and they still do. I've been cutting since first grade and popping pills since second. I finally realized that everybody was right when they said that I should die. I'm still cutting and popping pills, and I am hoping to end it all soon.
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13-15, T
2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

Cole... I hear your cries, i really do, I cut, im cutting right now as I write this comment... it does get better, I know it does... Even though some days I want to die, I think about it... Is it worth it? What would it solve? I know that your supposed to be alive, Im alive for a reason, Hell.... Everyone is, Find out what your use in this world is... And if your ever down... either read my note, or try to get in contact with me... Have a blessed day

i've tired a lot of times. it fails a lot, and you're gonna hurt yourdelf more with a failed suicide attempt than any other way.
Please be happy. Please! :(