The Years

Hi, i am 17 years old and this is how it all began. In grade 5, i was such a great kid. great grades, great friends and just such a good girl. i had tons of pimples and freakles though, and i was a ginger. i wore foundation so i would look pretty. some guys liked me and some didnt because of my hair, but they didnt make fun of me. one day a guy that i knew since SK asked me out and i said yes, i told my mom and dad, they let me date him but not kiss or anything, just like hangout and hold hands.i was still a good girl and and that boy went on till grade 6. in grade six i went to his house and he told me is parents were home, they werent. we kissed and hey tried to take off my shirt and i said no were only 12 and hey did i tried to run off but he took out a knife so i stayed, i lost my virginity. then he dumped me. i began totally depressed , i thought i loved him, i didnt. i cut, but not a big deal i didnt bleed that much , i just used a pin. in grade 7 i moved to a high school 7/8 program. the high school students bullied me about my hair till i cried and cut with a knife and rasor blade and i died my hair black and blonde and a whole bunch of different colors i got into drugs, people didnt make fun of me for my hair anymore , they called me a **** and ***** and made fun of me for cutting, its been the same ever since.
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I have been through a lot of what you have. I cut for 7 years and I am only recently clean. It is tough and kids are cruel. Fell free to friend me if you want to talk ever. I am a pretty good listener. Please stay strong and keep your head up.

Cutting isn't worth it. you will regret it, take it from me. no matter how bad things get, remember once youve hit rock bottom, the only way you can go.. Is up! Im here if you ever need someone too vent too, and trust me, it could be worse. Try too think positive & look at the good in life. <3