The Women In The Mirror Edging Me To Death.

Everyday at 7:00pm i go to the mirror in the bathroom. I lock the door and look in the mirror. I imagine there's a nice girl same age as me there but she's trying to kill me.She shows me that my family hate me and she wants me to die and be her friend. I dont know whats got into me. I start cutting my wrists. I wears sweatbands to hide it. At school im pretty lonely my friends and me have fights.
Im really scared, But i dont know how to stop
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13-15, F
1 Response Dec 26, 2012

That's not good darlin'! Although it isn't very common, there are plenty of other people too who cut themselves as a response to the inner pain that they feel. You need to be very brave and go see a doctor AND be brave enough to honestly SHARE all your story with him/her. If you're worried about the cost, maybe your community has a youth centre that can help you out a little bit. Don't wait! Let someone help you out!