When I Got Lost..

Its scary when you snap out of a habit that could have killed..

Everything bagan when my cousin started treating me differently I didnt think that he ws obsessed with me... I'll just get to the point he tried abusing me and he kept calling me and following me everywhere. He would become jealous of my boyfriends,... It was so scary I never got the guts to tell my parents becuase I thought everything was just something so stupid to worry about. It was the scariest and stupidest time of my life.... I became so depressed lonely that I was getting to the point where I thought I was going to lose everything. I started cutting myself to feel pain cause it was a way to escape everything... I tried so hard to tell someone but I couldn't I felt locked inside. After a year when everythng had comed and gone I felt I was ready to tell someone and that's when my sister found me cutting myself... I felt so ashamed and desperate... You know I got through that but I never told my parents the truth of why I did it.. I never told them that I felt as if everything I did was wrong and everything was my fault... Three years after and I still haven't told them... The good thing about everything is that I don't cut myself anymore even though sometimes I've thought about it.

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1 Response Mar 5, 2010

Congrats on not cutting! It must be really hard to give up...