It's Hard To Carve Depression Out Of The Flesh...

"Sometimes you bleed just to know you're alive."

Everything around me seems to be falling apart right now... i cut myself often now actually... i know that when i do my girlfriend gets sad and now she says she's going to make it a competition when i cut she's going to cut even worse because it always has to be about her; but it really isn't i just randomly get really sad and can't do anything about it i don't have to be thinking anything i have horrible mood swings and she knows that. Cutting myself just keeps me sane sometimes and honestly keeps me from killing myself, when i do cut it just releases everything for a while and i don't feel sad or angry i just let it all go for a while.

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5 Responses Feb 27, 2010

I'm just like you. I get the random sadness and cutting is all that helps. Best thing to do sometimes. I realized tho.. Surrounding myself with ppl helps it go away cuz I literally can't cut when they're around. (no matter how much I hate it I force myself). And force myself tovworkout too cuz that makes the urges less overpowering. Even tho u on some level dont want to do anything different, because cutting is what u love.. When u decide y want to stop try it. Force urself. If you don't want to stop I've found it's hard to unless u want it for you. Message me sometime-Brooke

Heveneverlet has the same feelings i do... walks don't work for me.

Try to control your emotions. Just take a walk outside whenever u have such sad feelings. I feel relax after a walk. May it can help you :)

i get that, my ex-girlfriend use to tell methat, if i she saw any mark on my arms she was going to not talk to me, and when it got worse she said she couldnt handle it any more...and well like i said she is my ex... i know she cared about me but she was showing it in the wrong way, by giving me an ultamadium she didnt see that that just added on to my problems...making them alot harder to get threw...but i oventualy did...i also get it when yo said you just randomly get feelings of saddness, for my it's like a wave comes over me and i feel myself shutting down, i stop talking, move slower, see thing in my head -reliving past memorys of things gone wrong- all the while trying to get threw the day as hassle free as sucks...i still cut...but i try my best not to....

iris by the goo goo dolls.<br />
one of my favorite songs.<br />
i know exactly what you mean.<br />
every little thing that happens makes me want to cut.