All This Emotion Is Too Painful

The repressing of painful emotions is a common psychological defense mechanism used to keep ourselves from the hurt. Eventually, however, our repression vault becomes crammed with the memories of too many bad experiences and it begins to overflow. When the data vault of repressed emotion can no longer contain the hurtful memories the memories begin to seep out causing psychological pain which seem to only be alleviated through some form of physical pain. This inflicting of physical pain upon ourselves is defined as "self harming" and is accomplished through a number of techniques.

Cigarette burning, cutting, head banging, dangerous driving, ect. are all acts of self harming to alleviate psychological emotional pain. The important thing to remember is where the pain is originating from "repressed emotions" and look for a cure from the root of the problem. Talk about your painful emotional experiences with someone. Talking about those experiences will offer you the opportunity to attempt to re-experience the situation in a new light and under different circumstances which should not feel as threatening as they did initially. Thus, your emotional data vault begins to empty no longer oozing psychological pain which one tries to smoother through inflicting physical pain upon ones self. Give it a try!   
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Yeah! in your dreams.