I'm A Cutter

Only one person knows about my cutting. By ex, who cuts himself to. It all started over the most stupid thing, my sister and I were sarcastically fighting an she was with her friend, and she was just being really horrible. and as soon as she left, I took some tweazers and cut my wrist. It felt really good. After, I just put a wristband over it, to hide it from my parents. They didn't notice. The next time, my dad was telling how much of a hrrible person I was and saying how I'm self centered *****, and just wouldn't leave me alone. They still don't know I cut myself. No one questions all the marks on my arm, and it's like they don't are. I think my parents notice, and they don't care....
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Your parents sound so nice *sarcasim*<br />
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I know the feeling, my mom couldn't give a damn that I was cutting. In fact, she made fun and would add to it by saying things like, "What do YOU have to be sad about." I must say it made things much worse until I just accepted that she wasn't a good mother and just thought of her as an annoying room mate. I agree with frostbitten1997, find someone you can talk to even if its school counseling. Take care.

Honey, this is a situation where you need to distance yourself. Deal with the emotional trauma you're experiencing. Distance yourself from the people that are hurting you, then when you've learned who you are and how you deal with things it's easier to exist with them. <br />
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If you learn to accept how things are between you and your family it's alot easier to move past the pain and build a relationship- I'm not saying you're relationships with your family will ever be completely fixed and picture perfect, but i am saying the more you distance youreself and take time to heal and learn more about yourself and your strengths and weaknesses the easier it is to get what you need from them. <br />
You won't always get what you want from them, but if you try adding patience as well as understanding into the equation you'd be surprised what you'll start to build with them.<br />
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I wish you the best :]

Dont you have a nice father.He needs a kick in the *** and be a better father.And whats wrong with your mom?any good parent would do something.They should at the very least sit you down and talk about why your cutting.Could you talk to someone at school?A counselor or a teacher?