My Daily Nightmare

i started cutting when i was 12....and havent stopped 19. it soothes my pain. it makes me feel like im in control. its my way of staying sane. Some people know about my cutting because they see my arm and thigh. But i dont look like what people would call a "cutter" i dont wear black and i hang with what people would call the "cool" kids. But none of that matters because if i was happy with everything i wouldnt be doing this.  I just want people to know..even tho you have money or you have a ton of friends doesnt mean you cant be miserable. Ive been raped several times and molested. Ive been physically and sexually and emotionally abused. Ive been to jail for domestic vionlence. and i also been into a pychiatric hospital more than 20 times. The problem i have with cutting is that it doesnt always help so i started using other methods to bury the pain..such as pills,drugs,alcohol,sex. I Need someone to understand me. i need someone to help me..But most of all...i need someone to care!
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*HUGS* I'm sorry to hear what you've been through...<br />
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