Self Harm Stopped Me From Committing Suicide...

This was around the time when my self harm got really bad, I would start to get suicidal thoughts.
I'm only 14 and thats what made it even more scary, to think I might of acctually committed suicide.
I would think this normally around the times when i'd feel really depressed.
I would think about overdosing, hanging, stabbing, running in front of a car...
I would even say to myself right it's going to happen today !
I would convince myself that my life was nearly over...
But now i want to tell you how self harm stopped me from committing suicide.
It would get to the evening normally, i would go into my room cry and cut.
But it was the cutting which made me feel better afterwards, releasing the stress and blaming myself.
I think if i wouldn't of self harmed...maybeI actually would have tried to take my life.
People say even myself say that self harm is a bad thing.
It is because your hurting yourself and people around you.
However, you don't realise how much better you feel after cutting.
How you feel that you've let all today's stress out...
Self harm is a bad thing...but at the end of the day, it's really a way of handling your problems...
rachael2204 rachael2204
13-15, F
Aug 2, 2010