I Wasn't Loved

Ever since I was little, I had known I was adopted. It hadn't mattered to me in any way. Once I turned 13, my first teenage year, I felt unloved and unwanted. I kept thinking about how bad I must have been for someone not to want me- for someone who never even got to meet me could give me up. I then began cutting myself. At first i used pins, not drawing that much blood. Then I used scissors. Now 15 years old, I have a neat row of white, shiny scars on the inside of my left forearm. 41 to be exact. I haven't cut in 1 month. But I know I will soon.
pinkizzy1029 pinkizzy1029
1 Response Aug 6, 2010

Have you talked to your adoptive parents about these feelings? You aren't unloved or unwanted, they may not be your flesh and blood but your parents still love you.