I Love Cutting

Its over a year since i started cutting myself in which i tried a lot of times to stop cutting myself but no result everytime i fail with a new scar on my skin i admit that i think i cant stop cutting anymore because i know its so comforting when i am depressed
I broke many promises i made to my friends that i wont cut but it doesnt work at all
I do not regret cutting myself because of the self hate i have for myself i think i deserved it
The only thing i wish is if there was a way to wipe all scars over my body because people get to know that you cut as soon as they see scars and only peoples that cut can understand how that feels they behave so awkward after they get to know it ugh hate it
I tried cuttin myself at my thighs but cuttin is most satisfying at only wrists if you are cutter then you would know how much awesome that feels whatever i think people should stop worrying about cutting and let people allow cutting who like it like tattoos its really fun atleast as far as i feel
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7 Responses Jan 22, 2012

i know how you feel.

hope everything is ok now...

I feel the same way. Like, it gives me something to do and helps my depression. While im busy cutting at my wrist i forget the bad stuff and only focus on the cut

I don't know you but please don't sit yourself again :( don't make me cry ! Please!!!

How did i made you cry??

I don't want you to cut yourself

Hmm..Damn.I Understand,But Trust Me When I Say There Are Better Outlets<3

You really shouldnt be cutting yourself its not healthy, you should try a different outlet to relieve youre pain. Trust me cutting your self its not worth it.

i agree, it's the best around the wrists and on the hand. maybe it's because the skin is thinner.<br />
i've argued with people about this many times, especially with smokers. They all tell me i'm stupid for hurting myself. If it calms me down what harm is it doing?