One of My Ways to Cope With Depression

depression has linked to most of my stories, neway..

i started to cut myself abou 3weeks ago, i found it was my only way to cope with depression instead of drinkin or smoking. As smoking and drinkin can be life threatening but superficial cuts are not.

I cut my wrists a few times and then my stomach a few times, then 3 of my friends found out, and went to see the teacher who i talk to abou my depression and who i trust. Then the next time i went to see him, he told me it worried him greatly and also asked to see the cuts, this hurt me soo much because i knew he cared and it was soo hard to show him. But he looked at me as if he sort of understood in a way. It has helped me, talking to him, but it hasnt stopped me because its the only way i feel better quickly. Although drinkin makes me feel great! as it does with most people i spose!

I think that if you tell someone you trust, especially someone older then you, then this helps alot because they can listen to you and try to help you as best they can.

Although my parents don't know i still feel asthough i have someone i can talk to, especially as i get upset alot in school and he is there on hand when ever i need him.


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Im sorry to hear about this but stop cutting please!! I myself am a former self-harmer and Im so happy I stopped! just find something to occupy you.

Cutting is highly dangerous. I agree you should stop before you do do something bad..But coming from one who cuts still aswell, I completely understand where you are coming from in this situation.<br />
Its never to late to get help. Go to a counselor, or someone you know can help you, and try to get help.<br />
I hope things get better for you Lots of love headed your way(:<br />
<br />

Cutters often feel that they are making themselves feel and pain and let it out. But once the cuts heal, unfortunately the real pain is still there. So its a vicious cycle. In reality, cutting is just practising for the big event. I am so glad you have friends who want to help you. Do you have a guidance counsellor at your school? If not, go back to your teacher. Whichever, ask one of them to put you on to some really helpful counselling. It really is healing, honestly! Meanwhile, you are an artist! Work it out in the medium that suits you, even if your are hurling paint, dripping globs of melted wax, hurling a baseball at a blob of clay, or, like one of my friends who gets depressed, take a blowtorch to metallic paints on metal and see what happens! Sending you love and light, N.

I cut myself I started when I was depressed 4 years ago I'm no longer depressed but I still cut lik hen something good happens and it makes ne happierwhen I do. whe I cut when I'm depressed it makes me happy and the pain goes away I forget about and the old pain doesn't come back

Don't fool yourself into believing cutting isn't dangerous. I have permanent nerve damage because of my cutting. Try and seek help before it is too late. Three weeks isn't a long time, you can stop before you get out of control. Please speak to someone about this.