Dont Know What To Do Need Advice Please

I just found out my 14 yr old daughter is cutting her self. I need advice on how to help her and approch her. She just had a friend find out and that friend told all of her friends at school. I love my daughter with all my heart and want to help her in any way I can. Any advice woul be great!

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Worried DAD
dadneedsadvice dadneedsadvice
2 Responses May 7, 2012

Dont start acusing her of things When you do that she will want to shut you out. It will send her into a defensive mode and it will just get worse. Also dont be all like 'Im so worried about you' She might not want sympathy or attention. And the fact that it got spread around her school could be making the situaation even worse righht now. I would just take her out somewhere and start by asking some questions. If she has a boyfriend than ask how he is doing. Ask how school is going and if she feels pressure from that. Once/ if she opens up about this than DONT LET IT SLIDE thats where my parents went wrong. Dont assume things are getting better. You should offfer to get her into sports/ activites that could bring her happiness. Most importantly, in this situation, Be a friend not a parent. This is not a situation where discipline is the answer. Dont get upset with her about this, it will only make it worse

dont go head first at it, usually people who cut are depressed or sad. so ask her how her days been and just talk to her, solving the problem that causes the cutting will most likely end it. i use to cut then i found someone who made/makes me verry happy :) and i havent had the need or the want to. i hope everything works out for you and her :)

Thank you for your reply